Android SDK Download For Windows 7,8,10 (2019 Latest Version)

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  • Android SDK Download For Windows 7,8,10
  • Android SDK Download For Windows 7,8,10
  • Android SDK Download For Windows 7,8,10
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Android SDK Download For Windows

Android SDK 28.0.2
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Google / Android SDK
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Android SDK Download For Windows

Android SDK is the official software development kit for developers who want to create an Android app to get the most out of the entire Android ecosystem of hardware and software. With a fully integrated software stack, you can seamlessly access SDK tools, plugins and utilities, and anyone can easily start building your first Android app. The core parts of the Android SDK include tools, Android platform tools, the latest Android platform and the latest Android system image for the simulator. However, depending on your requirements, you can change the system image and create an application for any version of the Android operating system you need.

With the Android SDK, programmers have immediate access to all the necessary tools for planning, building, testing, debugging, and analyzing Android applications. Provide an offline guide, but to provide help, tutorials, and tips that may be helpful to a large online community, and Android SDK developers can more smoothly proceed with the project. In addition, you can also access a copy of the Android platform source code, which makes it easier to debug.

Android SDK features:

SDK tool

Includes tools for debugging and testing, as well as other utilities needed to develop applications. If you have just installed the SDK Starter Kit, you already have the latest version of this package. Make sure you stay up to date.

SDK platform tools

Contains platform-related tools for developing and debugging applications. These tools support the latest features of the Android platform and are usually only updated when new platforms are available. These tools are always backward compatible with older platforms, but when installing a new SDK platform, you must ensure that you have the latest version of these tools.


Offline copy of the latest documentation on the Android platform API.

SDK platform

Every Android version has an SDK platform. It contains an android.jar file that contains a fully compatible Android library. To build an Android app, you must specify the SDK platform as a build target.

System image

Each platform version provides one or more different system images (such as ARM and x86). The Android emulator requires a system image to run. You should always test your application on the latest version of Android and use a simulator with the latest system image is a good way.

Source of the Android SDK

A copy of the Android platform source code for stepping through the code while debugging the application.

Note: The Java Runtime Environment is required.

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Android SDK Download For Windows
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